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The Lab – Points on the Practice of Yoga Asanas

Author: Maria Engberg
Published: 2020-05-02
ISBN: 978-91-985370-9-3     Nordic
979-86-305712-7-4     Amazon
Format: Soft cover
Language: English
Pages: 400
Illustrations: 45
Illustrations in colour: 5
Width / height / spine: 170 / 240 / 23 mm
Weight: 837 grams
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Do you want to discover the veiled treasure of Yoga and Asanas?

If you are looking for the sweet spot of consciousness and lucid unrestrained self-discipline: If You don´t want to remain on a gross peripheral surface level but wish to deepen and nourish your Life and Yoga Practice, this book is for You.

It develops fundamental points hidden between the lines in the three courses expounded in the book Āsanas, first published 1933, written by Swami Kuvalāyananda, a pioneer in the field of Yoga and the founder of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla, India.

Knowingly or unknowingly all Yoga Lovers around the Globe are following this original book in one or another stretch or twist.

It is about Āsanas as a BASE, but for what?

This is the second book in the series: The Veiled Treasure of Yoga.

The author, Maria Engberg, is from Sweden. Trained within a broad physical-spatial field and being a student of Yoga, she is also the author of the book: Spiro ergo sum – The practice of Pranayama and the Theory of Relativity Within and Outside The Laboratory – Notes on Breath, Space and Energy.

About the Author

Maria Engberg is born in Sweden, educated at the Royal Institute of Technology – Architecture (KTH) in Stockholm. Trained within a broad physical and spatial field, she is also a long term practitioner of Pranayama.

Books by the author

Spiro Ergo Sum – The Practice of Pranayama

The Lab – Points on the Practice of Yoga Asanas