Book EN THE 17

THE 17 – The story behind the principles for art and life

Author: Erika Mikaelsson
Published: During august 2019
ISBN: 978-91-984790-0-3
Format: Soft cover
Language: English
Pages: 136
Pictures: 51
Paintings by Curt, in colour: 22
Photos in colour: 20
Photos in black and white: 9
Size width / height: 170 mm / 240 mm
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On a summer night in 1964 something happened that would change the young artist Curt Källmans life forever. Little did he imagine that 20 years later this would lead him to found Vedic Art, a new and different way to relate to creativity and life.

”With feet firmly on the ground and brushes in the heavens”. During many years Curt Källman gave up his own exhibitions in order to be able to teach. Thousands of people in Sweden, Scandinavia and now also from other parts of Europé have come to the south point of Öland, in the Baltic Sea, to attend the art classes.

Read the fascinating and at times dramatic story about the artist Curt Källman and his road to founding todays Vedic Art. An education in truly free arts that also teach us, step by step, the art of living. More true to ourselves in a global society.

In the western hemisphere we have for long now preferred to use the left side of our brain – the logical, technical part. Now the time has come for using the right part, the one that among other things is representing the creative activities.

Vedic Art teaches 17 principles or steps. Steps that guide us through the creative process – the process of life itself.

Curt Källman has lived to see and experience them all. Welcome on board on his life journey up to the 17 …

Here is an excerpt from the book.


“The blue twilight hour has come. A dark silhouette is wallowing on the absolute south point of Öland. Shadows breaking out of the dark masses, revealing that there are 70 persons trying to find space on the little piece of land in the sea.

Quiet. Expecting what will come out of the act shortly showing itself right in front of their eyes. An act of Nature. Where the first part is the setting of the sun into the west horizon. Shortly after that, with a quick turning of heads, following next part where the full moon with a majestic rise from the eastern horizon up from the sea.

Eyes slowly seeking towards a bearded man.

The last part of the act begins when he slowly opens his fist in a gesture to the Godess of Art. The golden powder from his hand is spread in the slow wind, landing on the mildly rocking waves. In this moment Nature creates a piece of art in gold. For everybody to interpret. For everybody to enjoy.

In this fragment of a moment you understand everything. All questions answered. Simple and easy. The soul rejoices.”
Erika Mikaelsson, Buresjön 2015.


“Erika Mikaelsson’s THE 17 offers a very fascinating reading about Curt Källman, who among other things is the founder of the art movement called “Vedic art” which has 17 principles.

These principles or steps are regarded as starting the creative process.

The author has chosen to write in a style that can best be described as an objective, yet almost poetic, prose with autobiographical content.

The 17 is a very good read and gives a good picture of how Curt Källmans life as an artist and art teacher developed. The impression it gives is that it is also written under the influence of the 17 principles of “Vedic art,” ie, as a navigation map with which man expresses himself.”
Jan Teghammer, Library services reviews.

About the Author

Erika Mikaelsson has worked as a news journalist for over 20 years on newspapers, radio and TV.

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